>RUFINO TAMAYORufinoTamayoMoonBeauthifulFull<


Eternal pope, kaleidoscope broken in shattered hoping,

noticing got missed again,

wheel cog spoke in spitt’n windy whirls and,

talking prayers, being derailed off,

whoa oh woe, not paying attention, actions equal ~ scales blinding justice,

eyes poked out via memories vividly, cleaning up ~

yielding water-steam ~words, in reality, illusory-fantastic-fantasies, glasses foggy ~

oven open, cauldron well-balancing,
discipline unbridled energy ~


I awoke
abruptly, violently, ceremoniously
the dream shattered

nightmares haven’t stopped
the demonic gross, coarse, dense, rough, chaotic energy

stalks memories preys upon innocence
thinking stuff crammed full of bad


death defies time
gullible mammals obliterated
idiots manipulate folly

ET CETERA AngelJimiHendrixImage


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