ClarionCallWilliam Blum, author, historian, and U.S. foreign policy critic.

The Anti-Empire Report #138

                    Moon full Ooooo’ the howling beams, wolves were roaming riding the devils’ — back from vile evildoing, released from hell and ghetto .. knock, knock, tap and rap and the door got loosened the windows broken, soul savin black helicopters cost lots of monies.  Gotta pay dems’ bills this time-round.  Republicans and USA, George W. Bush the Junior of Senior Satan wannabe.  Dancing not as good as the tall half-whatever the fantasy wants to sell the nightmare.  Obama went to school and then them all went to school – the those-they the that$ that have destroyed “America”.
                    Here am I, a family that are workers and the families that aren’t.  OREGON state of criminal insanity THAT got crazier and crazier and NOW?  OUTTA CONTROL the legal so called named JUSTICE is about the most anti-reality one could HOPE TO IMAGE.
                    WHEN does the reality cosmic enema, flush~out this/the/THE CASE!  WTF!!  A situation gets to be actually understood?  What is the understanding?  See the next post for an extension of Mr. Blum’s recognition of how a spiritual encounter can be much healthier for the actual commingling with the energy that is really and truly the energy of sanity, balance and of course then, compassionate love.  Roberta Kelly aka Biloxi Marx and Shakespeare said that hell was empty and the devils all here, that was when the Pirates Cove of ENGLAND and the Elizabeth cannibals decided to extinct our own species and call the apartheid-genocide good for world earth.  Fast forward and we’ve got GOVERNMENT GOLDMAN SACHS doin a form of “God’s Work” gettin done alright, Metzitzah B’peh and Circumcision have worked and then the other forms of mutilation or an abomination of what is the human being.
                    HOPE AND CHANGE our first Jewish Black American POTUS sold US down the river as did his own, and so the piss-off pisses-on and those that are pissing aren’t realizing devolution is the elimination of we the same species that are all drinking the piss as though an elixir of omniscience.


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