Bernie Sanders For President In 2016

Bernard Sanders for President 2016-Resources

It has become difficult over the last generation to maintain belief in the American political system. Republican politicians have sought to pull the United States back into old hatreds. Democratic politicians have played a cynical game of stringing along their party’s liberal political base with hints and promises, while behaving in practice as a center-right political party. Both Republican and Democratic leaders have worked to concentrate wealth in the hands of an arrogant elite, at the expense of everyone else.

Bill Clinton trashed the potential of his presidency with selfish triangulation. George W. Bush was the worst President in American history. Barack Obama turned out not to be very interested in bringing change we could believe in after all.

In 2016, American voters need to avoid a repetition of the mistaken assumptions that led to the election of these failed presidencies. In 2016, Americans need to elect a leader of principle who is neither Democrat nor Republican, and is not beholden to the powerful corporate interests that have maintained the corrupt political system under which we now suffer.

2016 is the year to elect U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders as President of the United States of America.

Here at Irregular Times, we are not waiting for Senator Sanders to officially announce his 2016 presidential campaign. He has made it quite clear already that he plans to become a presidential candidate this time around, and we know from what he’s said that he plans to run a genuine grassroots campaign – none of the corporate-funded astroturf tactics that Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns have used to create a pose of popular involvement. A Sanders for President candidacy is going to require much more from us than a five dollar donation and a “like” on Facebook.

One of the first things we can do before the formal Sanders for President campaign is launched is to build a network of supporters who are familiar with each other and are ready to get to work. It’s with this goal in mind that we’re creating this online set of resources. Through the simple act of linking to each other, pro-Sanders activists can strengthen each others’ efforts, and transform individual activism into a genuine political community.

We’re not a political action committee, or an LLC, or anything like that. We’re simply citizens who believe that the integrity of Bernard Sanders can return our nation to a path of democracy rather than oligarchy, a peaceful role in the world, environmental responsibility, and respect for constitutional rights.

Online Resources For Sanders 2016


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