MAUREEN McKNIGHT, PORTLAND-OREGON (JUDGE ANCER HAGGERTY?!!) AND, JADE HELM 15~ Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) ~ UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO US Army Special Operations Command US Army Special Operations Command

Judge Maureen McKnight

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China chooses the United States to be the all powerful power in the world earth?  In a word:  NO.

Russia, Iran and certainly Iceland has also “seen the light”?!  Right, the world earth super powers all have chosen the US to be the “GOD OF EARTH”!?


Numbers outnumber the to be reckoned with – and add the other countries that are not bowing down to the worst of the species “Homo Sapiens”.  There shall be a reckoning alright.

Ugliness and VILE EVIL equals the supreme lay of the land.

United States can’t win the future when the past and the present have already been lost.  Cover ground in the USA, the people aren’t just “dumb” and/or “stupid”!  No, the “people” aren’t “human”.  Disposable experiments are just about all the USA has for the “New World Order” and that isn’t the order which the divine divined.

Therefore, get ready, prepare and know, there is to be a reckoning.

Those that have taken the world earth order too far into the miscreant-mongrel-mutt-wrongdoing EVILDOER “mind” are not going to get other than what has been cultivated via the “them”!!!

IE, D. LAWRENCE ‘LARRY THE LAWYER’, [DLO] your brain dead chemistry isn’t even dumb or stupid, the synapses stopped firing in the department of higher intellect when you destroyed two (2) innocent little girls and then there were all the other children that got to be in the wake of unawakened in the STATE OF ORYGONE.

HUH DUH!  DLO said he was a hero to right the wrong of Schnitzer Zionist vile evil.  Well-well-well MC KNIGHT that writes and writes and yet, doesn’t really know right from wrong so the writing isn’t other than scribble and bibble and bibble and scribble, ask Mozart too.

The way of the south ended just as the way of the zionist west coast state capture, END GAME and that’s all folks!

Rejoice and be of good spirits those that aren’t in the gulag that is close to being boom-boom-bang-bang and to wish dead was real is to praise with faint glory the coming memory bank to cast into the sea of too truly subterranean all those that can’t read-write and especially do “the maths”, AND-AND-AND, Judge “Haggerty” has been known (I personally was a “witness only”), to have the most ORGY PARTIES in the State of Orygone — just asking McKnight did you kneel and pray at the Chief Justice “bench” as well?!  So many did and there you are now, enjoying as those before that did too .. to be continued since the END TIMES is all about exposing all that must be put on the alter of remorse!

OKIE DOKIE TO BE CONTINUED:  5/25/2015, McKnight ET AL wanna-be “justice”!  PLEASE!!  The only “doing” is in the doing the THYROID and ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  Ask all the “JUDGES” that weren’t born “gay” and lo-behold, that NECK OF MCKNIGHT TELLS THE TALE ALRIGHT!!  Called the “Reptile Throat Center.”  Meaning “she” isn’t other than an experiment to test the programming of those that are NOT other than “reptilian brain-dead”.  McKnight passed the auditions, all, with colors of rainbows and other fancy pretend to be not an artificiality in the land of earth.  She/he? can do the real bad and thus, do what gets done such as but, not limited to COVER-UP the employment of RONALD FRASHOUR III, COP THAT MURDERED AARON CAMPBELL, January 29, 2010.  KILLER Frashour III, shot Aaron Campbell via a bullet from his AR15, in the back of the head an ASSASSINS’ “SHOT”!!! BUT HEY DE HO THE MONEY IS IN THE PAYMENT TO FRASHOUR III, and not other than blood money to the BLACK MINISTRY & GRIFFIN & MC-CANDLISH.  Yep that is McCandlish, JAMES (“Jim”), “Harvard” learned.  And then there is McKnight who does exactly what the “OWNERS” of slaves decides.  McCandlish was married BUT, his wife “Susan” has divorced him.  And, the reason for severing ties with him?  Well-well-well the State of OryGone has a reckoning that goes far beyond any reckoning that can dress-up and play with the acts such as but, not limited to PAEDOPHILIA.  There are tape recordings of the STATE doing porn with GASTON’S small school age child.  Pam Gaston?  DEAD McKnight, just as you also invited me to attend, again, yet another pow-WOW with those that do not practice due process law.  You’re going to reap the whirlwind people of ORY-GONE.  Oh yes and I’ve a special place in the watchers’ watchtower and singing about the coming of the REAL CHANGE, yep that’s happening!!!  .. to be con’t …

MBA, Multnomah Bar Association

Judge Maureen McKnight

Multnomah County Circuit Court Chief Family Court Judge Marureen McKnight

Judge McKnight grew up in a family shaped by her father’s career as an officer in the United States Navy. She lived the early years of her life in Hawaii, Southern California, Washington, D.C., and Japan as the family moved with her father’s career. Finally, the family settled back in Southern California for her teenage years, where she attended a small Catholic high school.

She was an avid reader as a child; reading was so fundamental a source of enjoyment in her life that family discipline consisted of locking up her library card. Academic study was encouraged by a parental policy of no television on school nights _ a deprivation she remembers to this day.

In 1971, Maureen entered Loyola University of Los Angeles, her father’s alma mater. She finished her baccalaureate degree, in history, in three years. She graduated summa cum laude in 1974, earning the Dockweiler Medal for Excellence in History. During her final year, she applied for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, a Jesuit program similar to the Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA), focused on social justice. She was accepted and selected Portland.

Maureen arrived in Portland in August 1974. Her placement with JVC was to be a staff assistant for the Metropolitan Public Defender (MPD), where she was assigned to be the trial assistant to attorneys Ancer Haggerty and Gregory Hawkes. It was an extraordinary year for a young woman from a Catholic home and education. She learned to overcome her “culture shock” and is grateful to this day to U.S. District Court Judge Ancer Haggerty for his patience and coaching as one of her supervising attorneys. When her year with the JVC was completed, she stayed on at MPD for a second year.

Judge McKnight subsequently enrolled at the U of O School of Law. In her second year there, she signed up for the Legal Aid Clinic, taught by Ellen Rosenblum, who was then a Eugene attorney and a fairly recent graduate of the U of O School of Law, and now is a judge with the Oregon Court of Appeals. Maureen continued volunteering for Lane County Legal Aid Services through her third year of law school and graduated in 1979.

After graduation, Judge McKnight was hired by Lane County Legal Aid Services, where she remained for one year. She moved to Portland and worked, in succession, for Oregon Legal Services, Multnomah County Legal Aid Services, and Legal Aid Services of Oregon. At the time of her appointment to the circuit court, she was the Director of the Multnomah County office for Legal Aid Services in Oregon.

Judge Marilyn Litzenberger has said, “Maureen McKnight’s name is synonymous with public service.” Judge McKnight has served significantly in the areas of domestic violence and family law on the council, committee, commission and task force levels, throughout the state. She has served as a member, co-chair and chair of these various groups.

In 2000, Judge McKnight received the “Justice Betty Roberts Award for Promoting Women in the Legal Profession and the Community” from OWLS, and the “Public Service Award” from the OSB. She has been given “Legal Advocate” recognition by the ABA’s Commission on Domestic Violence and she received the “Child Support Advocate of the Year” award by the Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Commission.

Judge McKnight believes that taking the bench is very humbling and very rewarding. While always comfortable dealing with pro se parties, she has noted her appreciation for the professionalism and the patience of the trial bars, especially in areas of law newer to her. She is also grateful to Dale Koch, Presiding Judge, and Elizabeth Welch, former Chief Family Court Judge, for their support since coming onto the bench. As an attorney, Maureen made it a part of her life to mentor new lawyers. As a judge, she has received the same assistance from her colleagues on the circuit court and from members of the bar. She is grateful for that help and excited by being in a position to bring competing parties together to address an issue from a problem-solving standpoint. She feels very fortunate to be a circuit court judge and looks forward to each day of service.

Originally authored by Doug Bray and printed in the December 2002 Multnomah Lawyer
Updated for the Internet in 2012


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