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1 BOOK REVIEW, By Roberta Kelly, September 2015, The Cancer Stage Of

Capitalism, [“CSC”], by John McMurtry, First Published 1999, Pluto Press ~ London- Sterling, Virginia

BOOK REVIEW: The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism, [“CSC”]

By Roberta Kelly, September 2015

To begin this ‘REVIEW’ I can say that I was there, when the ‘globalist William

Jefferson Clinton’ (see “Clinton’s Global Initiative”) forced the credit scores into the

“market place” (1997, or thereabouts). And, furthermore, I was told by Zionist/Jew

Arlene Schnitzer ‘she knew’ ~ “what was coming” (1979-1980/81, or thereabouts). Yes,

FIVE JEWS AND ONE GENTILE is in the Fortune Magazine, regarding the GREAT

DEPRESSION AND BANK FAILURE/S, in the 1930s. **LINKS blog & scribd. The first “Big

One” as a well-planned intentional currency usury of the United States of America for the

globalists’ agenda/s. And, when again the COURT SYSTEM (which is a GLOBALIST

CORPORATION in truth), decided to rape-pillage-plunder the homes in America

(FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, 1999/2008 and ongoing), John V. Acosta, Ann L. Aiken, Owen M.

Panner, Michael W. Mosman, ET AL all chose to be part of the EVIL and now here we are.

Senior [Justice (oxymoron)] USDC Owen M. Panner said to me that he agreed with

almost everything I said, when I was doing my best to stop the “FEDERAL RESERVE

SYSTEM [Fed]”, from the patterned racketeering. BUT, he was bound to the United

States District Court (USDC). That meant what it is: an Apartheid. The system which

was intended to honor due process, rule of law, is not about honor/due process/rule

of law/justice, NO resoundingly, not by any stretch of an imagination.

Karl Marx (my cousin once removed) already said the “law” was about protecting

those that have decided to be in an Apartheid from their own species (IE: the [one

percent (1%) of one percent (1%)]) ~~ the law is a determined superstructure of

whose function it is to maintain the capitalist system intact by both masking

and protecting it …. relationship of the law to the economic base …

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, a/the primary intention of the globalists’ agenda.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is an important story. The tale is

significant. How the EVIL isn’t about LIVE in the planet earth as nature intended, yes

indeed IT is about the same old tall tale / story.

The ancient Chinese who were ‘enlightened’, tell the earthlings how to live rather

than evil: THE WAY (TAO) ~ forever. Thus, why I choose to refer to the TAO in this

BOOK REVIEW of the extraordinary work which John McMurtry created (and his co- creators) for our humanity.

We suffer a humanitarian crises and this has been going on for so long that the

human being now is truly in a cancerous stage of totalitarian decay. People are barely

surviving the dire straits. Those that have manufactured this apartheid-ghetto hell

United Slums of Apartheid [USA], as though there is not digital credit (“money”),

which can be produced by a computer keystroke are vile, criminally insane. The USA is

not an investment that any country wants to invest in, not a country that has been

around for a long-long time. No sane investor wants to invest in the human capital as a

disposable commodity (the human being). Farmed blubbering piles of protoplasm is not

a new concept. Nature disagrees, about the creations in earth and most especially, but

of course, the destruction of the human that destroys the earth home. Tragically,

however, those that have been controlling nature for eons now (IE EG, FOOD, WATER,

CHEMTRAILS, PHARMACEUTICALS, ET AL ET CETERA), are not the highest beings in the

Homo sapiens’ reality!

NATURE DECIDES, in truth. And, in actuality there is no one single power in

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2 BOOK REVIEW, By Roberta Kelly, September 2015, The Cancer Stage Of

Capitalism, [“CSC”], by John McMurtry, First Published 1999, Pluto Press ~ London- Sterling, Virginia

nature. AND, diversity isn’t a word to manipulate the powerful source and force of a

creation which is inexplicable! Certainly, the ‘gender-bent’ are not diverse –

contaminated species is not a higher life form, IT’S a degradation! An epidemic and a

pandemic are quite obvious: the worst of our species (“World Zionist Congress” /

“GLOBAL MAFIA” and ITS criminally insane military/courts/lieyers) act as IF a/the GOD

to control nature! The reckoning is upon the planet and soon to be enacted, the Arab

nation/s messenger has said twenty-five (25) years and the “American Congress” in

conjunct with the Apartheid State of Israel (World Zionists), is begone!

.. to be continued with vital information about the apartheid made in the heads of

the species (MALE) via destroying the vital hormone which bonds “yin-yang”. Examples,

circumcision and the Metzitzah B’peh ~ truly an abomination in the mutilation of our own

male species …

The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism, [“CSC”], by John McMurtry, Acknowledgements

.. In the end, this work evolved from the civil commons as an expression of its social

immune system and the shared life goods it bears which, I trust, will form across

borders against the global corporate market disorder which at this historical juncture

grinds the world. John McMurtry, August 1998.

Tao Teh Ching, by Lao Tzu:

“Humanity takes the example of Earth

to stabilize itself.

Earth takes the example of Heaven

to rotate itself.

Heaven takes the example of Tao

to purify itself.

Tao takes the example of itself

to integrate and disintegrate

all things and all lives.”


HARVEST ~ COMMENTARY, Stay With the Fundamental After Achieving the

Great ~There is nothing more worthwhile in life than to follow the Universal Way.

Wealth, fame, position, power, intelligence, wisdom, beauty, etc., do not really matter.

The most magnificent of all things is Tao, the subtle truth of universal life. Though Tao

cannot be possessed, it can be embodied (see above, Chapter 25 of the Tao Teh

Ching). ¶What do the luxuries of life, ornamental knowledge, psychological toys, social

and religious vanities all mean to human life? Value your plain life. Do not do things

that cause you to lose your original perfect balance. This is called “wu wei” (non- doing). ¶Although it does not matter if you do something, it does matter if you

overdo it. This is called “wei wu wei” (do the non-doing). These are two important

guidelines from the Tao Teh Ching. ¶Mind, desires, entrails and bones compose the

main constitution of human life. Do not let the mind exhaust that which supports the

body. If the mind is overused, the entrails become weakened. If one has too many

desires, the bones become hardened and the marrow dried. ¶For people who lack

spiritual integration, their lopsided, dualistic-mindedness becomes an obstacle to

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3 BOOK REVIEW, By Roberta Kelly, September 2015, The Cancer Stage Of

Capitalism, [“CSC”], by John McMurtry, First Published 1999, Pluto Press ~ London- Sterling, Virginia

achieving or maintaining wholeness of mind and spirit. Thus, battles and wars never

end, within and without. It is impossible to attain inner peace or outer harmony without

the achievement of mental and spiritual self-integration. This is to say that whole- mindedness must be put above all the philosophical and religious conceptions that have

been the source of strife among people and have led to mental and spiritual separation

from the absolute truth.

The Cancer Stage Of Capitalism, [“CSC”]: The Ancient Taboo, Chapter 1 | P4,

.. Criticizing the social order is a very dangerous business … to be

continued (tbc) … >>

Preface | para 1, The title of this book is not a provocative metaphor. It is the

conceptual outcome of long personal experience and deep structural social investigation

over 30 years of research across disciplinary boundaries … these prolonged events of

learning life and death sequences of disease and immune response have led to the

deepening recognition of common principles of growth and disease between social and

cellular life organization …

para 3 .. for example, must have food, water, and air to live, and require

each of these in exact compositions, distribution and quantities to survive …

Pviii para 3, The first chapter of this study is devoted to laying bare the operation of

closed value programmes across the history of civilized thought, each eventually

recognized and overcome as societies lean to flag them as virulent. The second, third

and fourth chapters expose and track the dominant value programme of the last three

centuries, the mutating market paradigm, into its recent carcinogenic eruption and

metastasis. The concluding chapter considers the evolution of the unseen substructure

of history, the civil commons, as the bearer of the underlying life ground, and the

regulating foundation of a life economy on the local or the global level. The core

interface throughout is the ‘life-sequence economy’ versus the ‘money-sequence

economy’, whose conflict and resolution have been lost to view.

Pviii para 4, This investigation’s framework of social self-understanding adopts a

wider lens than the currently received models of social explanation – in particular, the

engineering model of neo-classical economics from which life value has been expelled.

It is a telling symptom of our condition that no established school, discipline or general

theory of social analysis has grounded itself in life requirements as such ….

Pix para 1, .. God’s plan, human nature, a racial type, archetypal memories or

psychostructures, genetic reproduction, geographical conditions, and so on. Once this

closed reference-set decouples from the vital, highly specific and interconnected

requirements of the life-ground itself, and becomes an autonomous system of selection

and exclusion overriding all claims of life to expand itself, it becomes a lethal value

programme. The degree of its deadliness, in turn, is borne by its technical powers of

manufacture, communication and destruction, and their pervasion. The ‘self-regulating’

global market system presents us with a totalized paradigm of such a programme at the

end of the twentieth century. Its technical powers and morbidities of effect have

propelled the wholly unprecedented crises of global life deterioration and collapse that …


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