When the Revolutionaries told the British Crown that they were in a New World and the Order wasn’t to pay the Empire Great Britain to live in Earth, NATURE was called upon to set the record straight about how Human Beings | Humanity since the time 1215, had come to the conscious realization that the criminally insane made up a commodity MONEY and chose to make all the natural born energies pay to be natural born energies.

So, here we are in fast forward to the most insane point in history?  Well, since Confucius was the first to write about “History” we have his accounting that doesn’t talk about the TAO TE CHING.  Were we to be intelligent enough, then we would certainly take the teachings of Lao Tsu above Confucius and definitely the Living History Clinton Model gets to be where that design deserves to go.  Use Imagination here.

In a dream there was this large bear and the bear was restrained as well as sedated because the bear was a Grizzly Bear living in a big beautiful house.  The Bear was dangerous and fear was governing the people who kept the Bear sedated and restrained.  Then, the Bear escaped.  The woman of the house jumped out the window after Bear and ran up to Bear to warn him he could get killed and / or he could be captured, it was not safe for Bear to be out in the world.  Please come back into the house.  So Bear chewing and licking as though the woman was a lover, followed her back into the house where he was never again restrained nor sedated.

SLAVERY of Nature is not other than fear of freedom.  … To be continued ….


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