USA FED GOV Washington DC registered in Puerto Rico BK?!

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One thought on “USA FED GOV Washington DC registered in Puerto Rico BK?!

  1. Yes, and this is why our CON gress does not care about the US PEOPLE and AMERICA…they signed loyalty oaths to Israel and their Zionist causes. And our White House has been run by Lubavicher long before Reagan administration. Bush senior signed in the 1991 public law 102-14, education day [ for all goyim ] Talmudic Noahide laws with 4 CON gressman in secret and as of 2 months ago Israeli News demanded Trump begin to enforce the laws for all gentiles. When are we going to see the rise of moral men and women against all of this ? Or will we allow a war inside the US by Christian Zionists and Jewish Ahabs, and LDS ? Because that is their plan and they prepared for it. We are not seeing anything happen with Trump to get America on track, working and taking care of this broken nation and Obama has yet to GO AWAY…………Oregon has already past a mental health no gun law…………and not one conservative stopped it. Tells me, they are ready for their Zionist end time war………..and folks, God—the one I know, not the Talmudic, Masonic, Lucifer………………my God will not be Mocked I say we file for indictments of all in Congress on TREASON and demand copies to the people of signed loyalty oaths to Israel and who signed them face indictment and trial. If I were President, as a moral, balance person whose loyalty is the US and the people here, I would have no choice but call their acts TREASONOUS. And as for how we are being poisoned daily by chemtrails, and other toxins, this too needs to stop

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