READ THE I CHING BY HUA CHING NI, EXTINCTION HAS ALREADY BEEN SEEN VIA THE ANCIENT POWERS WHO TAUGHT US HOW TO USE OUR WHOLE BRAIN AND DO WE?  NOPE, DOPES MOSTLY ARE IN POSITION OF “LEADERSHIP”.  R WE / U READY FOR DEATH’S KNOCK AT THE ETERNITY DOOR?  Practice breathing into each “compartment / house” and get ready because the most predatory of our species (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Adelson, Soros, Kissinger, Et Al) want to take all earth with them into the darkness where they are to spend eternity indeed!

monde world


How do the majority of the PEOPLE on planet EARTH get the attention and therefore, intention, of the reality we are not living the paradise which is a matter of imagination?

WHAT IS PRAYER?  Praying is a sincerity in intuiting the truth about energy is what we are and what we can realize.  To be continued …




ZIO-MAFIA USE TRILATERAL COMMISSION TO RUN North America + Europe + Japan + Israel and eventually the WORLD! = Political & Economic takeover following Trilateral declaration = “Growing interdependence …transcends and influences (DOMINATES) national systems…develop greater cooperation among all the countries of the world…developing effective cooperation, both in their own interests and in those of the rest of the world…consult and cooperate more closely…to develop and carry out coordinated policies…(using) international and regional organizations and further enhance their role…Further progress of the developing countries and greater improvement of East-West relations will be a major concern.”

TRILATERAL = Co-Founder Zbigniew Brzezinski = Under Jimmy Carter (1977 to 1981) = Co-Founder David Rockefeller = Brookings Institution + Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) + Harvard Center for International Affairs + European Policy Centre + Japan Center for International Exchange + Federal Reserve + Alan Greenspan + Paul Volcker

TRILATERAL = Early meetings effected profound influence over global political control using TECHNOLOGY = Produced an official journal called Trialogue = Think tank’s of 120 so-called Experts To integrate CANADA + U.S. + MEXICO into one UNIT! + European group of 170 so-called Experts

TRILATERAL = By 2000 117 so-called Experts in Pacific Asia group.

TRILATERAL = Technology Think Tank Group is chaired by three individuals, one from each of the regions represented.

TRILATERAL = Encroaches on national sovereignty of all nations for SINGLE WORLD CONTROL! = “a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical… [in] the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved.” — Goldwater

TRILATERAL = April 2007 lecture by Brzezinski part of those who orchestrated the attacks of September 11 to justify ENDLESS WAR ON TERROR to ROB AMERICANS and DOMINATE with a WORLD TECHNOCRACY DICTATORSHIP!

TRILATERAL = Noam Chomsky described goals as = “Essentially liberal internationalists from Europe, Japan and the United States, the liberal wing of the intellectual elite… trying to induce what they called “more moderation in democracy”…turn people back to passivity and obedience…In particular they were worried about young people…(NOT) indoctrinated…you’ve got to control them better.”

TRILATERAL = Associated with Bilderberg Group, Rockefeller family of “David Rockefeller” + Brzezinski, Zbigniew (October 1970). “America and Europe” + 1975 The Crisis of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission + 1991 American Hegemony and the Trilateral Commission + Rockefeller, David (2002) Memoirs + 2014 Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation.


GHW BUSH Sept 11, 1990 = Outlined the NEW WORLD ORDER & Military intervention in the Middle East & Permanent commitment to security of Israel & Persian Gulf Oil Dictators

GHW BUSH = “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a new world order – can emerge…We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders.”

GHW BUSH Oct 1, 1990 =Told U.N. General Assembly = “The United Nations can help bring about a new day…a new world order, and a long era of peace.”


CLINTONS = BUSHS = HATED by tens of millions of Americans = BI-PARTISAN HATE! = Clinton’s Trilateral Connection & CFR = NYC Council On Foreign Relations = ZIO-MAFIA RULE OVER AMERICANS!

GHW BUSH = CFR Member (1970’s) + CIA Director (JFK murder) + RNC Chairman + Liaison to Peoples Republic of China + U.S. Ambassador to UN + Founding member of the Tri-lateral Commission

Bill Clinton = CFR Member + Member of Trilateral Commission

CFR/Trilateral MEMBERS = James Baker + Lawrence Eagleburger + George Shultz + Cyrus Vance + Alexander Haig + Henry Kissinger + Warren Christopher + Harold Brown + Caspar Weinberger + Richard Cheney + Les Aspin + Paul Volcker + Lloyd Bentsen + Bruce Babbit + Anthony Lake + Andrea Tyson + Madeleine Albright = ALL CRIMINALS WORKING AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & AGAINST HUMANITY! = EXACT OPPOSITE OF President Washington = “friendship and commerce will all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

TRILATERAL COMMISSION (1973) = Off-shoot of the Council On Foreign Relations (1921) = “The Trilateral Commission was David Rockefeller’s brainchild” as Chairman of the Council On Foreign Relations. = “three-sided” = North America, Europe,and Japan = Technological advancements = 90% of airplanes + 80% of computers + 70% of cars

United States Senate rejected membership in the League of Nations, fearing it would subordinate America to the British Empire & ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MAFIA! = “entangling alliance” = Purpose of CFR, Council On Foreign Relations formed in 1921

CRIMINALS FORMING CFR = John Foster Dulles + Allen Dulles + Edward Mandell House + President Wilson + John W Davis + Edward R Stettinius + John J McCloy + Nelson Rockefeller + Adlai Stevenson + Alger Hiss = Cooperated with the League of Nations = 1927 Rockefeller family began funding the Council = CFR began doing research for the State Department in 1939 = DICTATES AMERICAN FOREIGN FOR ROTHSCHILDS-ROCKEFELLER ZIO-MAFIA! = The Invisible Government “crowning moment of achievement for the Council came at San Francisco in 1945, when over forty members of the United States Delegation to the organizational meeting of the United Nations…were members of the Council.”

Trilateral Commission founded 1973 = Middle East oil crisis + PHASE OUT OF VIETNAM = LOVED BY ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-MAFIA International Banksters = “Trilaterists” emphasis was on international economics + WORLD DOMINATION + MAX GREED FOR SUPER-RICH = ROCKEFELLER & ROTHSCHILDS!

TRILATERAL COMMISSION (1973) = ADDED PURPOSE was to DOMINATE an emerging bloc of Arab, African and Asian states which had come to dominate the General Assembly of the United Nations. = Afro-Asian countries gained political independence MUST BE BROUGHT UNDER MAFIA CONTROL with ISRAEL as the HUB in ORGANIZING THE WORLD with UN as a TOOL!

1976 “The Trilateral Commission was barely mentioned in the 1976 campaign, but Carter during run for a second term, however, the Trilateral Commission was a major campaign issue…” = Attacked by Ronald Reagan ZIO-MAFIA and TRILATERALIST GHW BUSH as VP! = First loan approved by the Export-Import Bank after Reagan took office was for $120 million to pay for two nuclear reactors for Communist Romania + 1981 Defense Sec Caspar Weinberger offered a $20 billion line of credit to Red China for the purpose of selling them military equipment + Reagan Middle East LOVE for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt + Promoted Iran/Iraq war supporting Saddam Hussein with MONEY & WEAPONS! + RAN UP NATIONAL DEBT 200% FOR ZIO-MAFIA INTEREST USURY LOOTING OF AMERICANS!

GHW BUSH = New World Order = Sent 450,000 U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia – without authorization from Congress to implement UN resolutions = Bob Dole and others justified the U.S. intervention against Iraq to guarantee access to Persian Gulf oil supplies. = Trilateralism CFR required young Americans put their LIVED in danger to secure the oil supplies for the other industrial countries. = After Gulf War even left-wingers begun to speak of the UN “becoming in effect a world government.” = Loved by World Federalist Association President John Anderson = A founding member of the Trilateral Commission = Long advocated “limitations on national sovereignty” as necessary for world peace = OWO

Before 1913 = U.S. dollar was as good as gold with Gold & Silver Coins circulated. BUT FED RESERVE ACT INTRODUCED “FUNNY MONEY OR FIAT PAPER MONEY” BACKED BY NOTHING BUT THIN AIR! = Actually that was under NIXON but authorized printing of four paper dollars for every dollar in gold that they held = ROTHSCHILDS Factional Reserve Usury Scam. + 1933 Roosevelt withdrew gold coins from circulation + 1971 Nixon totally removed the dollar from any gold basis. = MONEY OUT OF NOTHING FOR ZIO-MAFIA BANKSTERS! = SETUP PETRO-DOLLAR FAKERY!

United States Bills of Rights limits the sovereign power of the federal government over all who reside within its boundaries. The Constitution itself is a limited grant of power to the federal government. As stated by the Ninth Amendment = “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” = A government of limited sovereignty.

1952 essay, The Rise of Empire, Garet Garrett observed that “The first requisite of empire is: The executive power of government shall be dominant.” = Presidential dominance

FAKE PURPOSE OF United Nations = Sold as “mankind’s last, best hope for peace.” = Since WW II MASS MURDER OF 25+ MILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE BY U.S. ZIO-MAFIA RUN GOVERNMENT WITH 35+ OVERTHROWS OF NATIONS! = Tragic results of ZIO-MAFIA militarism and TERRORISM AGAINST HUMANITY!

ROTHSCHILDS AIPAC ZIONIST MAFIA MOB (Bipartisan) RUN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has turned our government into a monster, which is eating out our substance, but failing to deliver on the promises the politicians make. ROBBING AMERICANS OF $10s of TRILLIONS IN WEALTH AND MASS MURDERING 169+ MILLION NON-JEWS SINCE YEAR 1900! = SOROS GOAL = DESTRUCTION OF AMERICANS = NETANYAHU GOAL SAME AND THEN LET AMERICA “BLOW AWAY IN THE WIND”


Will FBI Director Comey’s October Surprise Derail Hillary’s White House Bid?


Having closed his earlier investigation into Hillary’s use of her private email server for classified State Department documents without bringing charges, dismissing indictable evidence, it’s hard imagining a shift of agency policy now.

So what’s going on? Is FBI Director Comey trying to save face, even at this late stage, having tarnished the reputation of the agency and himself. The fullness of time will show what he has in mind.

He faces intense political pressure from key Democrat senators, demanding immediate answers about why he’s reopening his investigation days before November’s election, an unprecedented act.

Senators Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Thomas Carper and Ben Cardin wrote Comey, saying:

“(N)o later than Monday, 31 October 2016, we request you provide us with more detailed information about the investigative steps being taken, the number of emails involved, and what is being done to determine how many of the emails are duplicative of those already reviewed by the FBI.”

They want Attorney General Loretta Lynch explaining her involvement in Comey’s action, if any. The Hillary campaign called for “public answers” to clarify what new information the FBI discovered.

After saying that revisiting his decision last July would be unlikely, Comey opted for an October surprise – the likes of which Washington hasn’t seen since the tumultuous end of Nixon’s tenure.

Paul Craig Roberts said he’s gotten word:

“that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, not because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has cancelled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself.”

How remains to be seen. Like Roberts, I’m puzzled. Washington power brokers chose Hillary to succeed Obama. Enormous resources, energy, corporate pollsters consistently showing her ahead, and one-sided scoundrel media support have gone into assuring it.

Have things changed days before November 8? Are power brokers abandoning Hillary this late in the game? The last 48 hours have been breathtaking – the stuff Hollywood thrillers are made of.

Will Hillary supporters blame Russia for Comey’s action? One Democrat congressman suggested it. Will Comey be accused of being a Kremlin agent?

However things unfold in the campaign’s final days, Trump got a significant boost – whether enough for a “master of suspense” Alfred Hitchcock ending remains to be seen.

My view, right or wrong, remains the same. After going all-out for Hillary throughout months of campaigning, it’s hard believing power brokers decided otherwise this late in the game – unheard of in US electoral politics.

At the same time, this political season has been unlike any I remember since the 1940s. Nothing ahead will surprise me.

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